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Reports & Briefs

Youth in the Middle

Describes four areas of work that are central to developing a whole-school youth development approach and includes hyperlinks to tools that can be modified and adapted to support efforts to pursue a youth development approach in a particular setting.

School-Family Partnership Strategies to Enhance Children's Social, Emotional, and Academic Growth

Provides educators with an overview of social and emotional learning (SEL) and school-family partnerships (SFPs), a discussion of the important relationship of SFPs and SEL, and strategies to promote children's social, emotional, and academic development using school-family partnerships.

Cross-Site Evaluation of Project LAUNCH, 2008–2018

Provides information and reports from the multi-site evaluation of Project LAUNCH, focusing on outcomes for children and families living in Project LAUNCH communities and the impact of the initiative on increasing community wellness. Abt Associates originally managed the evaluation starting in FY 2008, which has been overseen by NORC starting in FY 2013. 

Infant, Toddler, and Early Childhood Mental Health Competencies: A Comparison of Systems

Defines mental health competencies, offers a brief overview of six competency systems currently in use in states (California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Vermont), provides comparisons of the six systems, and suggests the relevance of these competency systems to the early childhood mental health movement.

Foundation for Success: Shared Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes for the Cross-Sector Prenatal Through Age 3 Workforce

Identifies cross-disciplinary competencies for practitioners working with infants and toddlers that support effective practices across these disciplines. It also discusses research findings on the impact of competencies on program quality and provides a tool for identifying core competencies that are universal to the diverse early childhood workforce.


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