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Pennsylvania is integrating five previously discrete SAMHSA-sponsored initiatives to create a comprehensive system of care for families, children, and youth with behavioral health needs from birth to adulthood.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Capacity Building/Workforce Development | Connecting Schools and Communities | Family Driven | Youth Guided

Pennsylvania’s SS/HS initiative has developed a protocol to guide community-level teams in identifying and selecting well-founded programs and practices to address salient student and school needs that fit the local circumstances and context.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Evidence Based/Informed | Family Driven | Youth Guided

School professionals and students across all seventeen school districts in York County, Pennsylvania formed an active student-led Youth Mental Health Alliance (Alliance) that serves as a catalyst “to end the stigma of mental illness, and to ensure that mental-health resources are available to eve...

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Connecting Schools and Communities | Family Driven | Family Strengthening/Family Engagement | System Change | Vulnerable Populations | Youth Guided

Reviews best practices for engaging families and communities in students’ learning and academic, social, and emotional development. 

Family Driven | Youth Guided

Designed to solicit guidance from families and youth and to portray the critical issues in children’s mental health policy and service delivery from the perspective of stakeholders in the family and youth movement. 

Family Driven | Youth Guided

Highlights the definition of family-driven care," and provides guiding principles of family-driven care.

Family Driven | Youth Guided

Provides information for youth serving agencies to improve their relationship between their organization, the youth, and the families with whom they work.

Family Driven | Youth Guided

Guides boards involved in policy making, governance, and financing of health, human service, education and related systems to embrace family and youth involvement. Includes a self-assessment, practical information, tips and tools.

Family Driven | Youth Guided