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Reports & Briefs

Maternal Post-Partum Mood Disorder Screening Implementation in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Lessons Learned through Multnomah Project LAUNCH

Multnomah Project LAUNCH provides an overview of Mulnomah Project LAUNCH's support to the Oregon Pediatric Society to deliver screening and referral trainings with health care providers.

American Indian and Alaska Native Issues Regarding Disparities Impact Statements: National Indian Child Welfare Association Briefing Paper

Provides American Indian and Alaska Native federal grantee tribes and organizations with information that might be helpful for meeting grant award conditions on developing disparities impact statements.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA): Opportunities to Improve School Discipline, Climate, and Safety

Describes how ESSA affords states’ increased autonomy to design and use accountability systems that measure student and school success not only through standardized academic measures, including test scores, but more holistically through non-academic measures. This brief explains how nonacademic measures can strengthen state efforts to address issues critical to success such as school discipline, climate, and students’ physical and emotional safety.


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