Framework in Action
Promoting Early Childhood Social and Emotional Learning & Development

In each of the three SS/HS LEA, 100% of early childhood staff were trained in early childhood social emotional learning and development, with “booster sessions” (e.g., coaching, additional workshops, follow-up to assessments) provided during the school year. In addition, 100% of children and youth in each SS/HS LEA have been screened for early social, emotional, or developmental delays and a follow-up screening process has been institutionalized. 

The State developed Michigan Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies for ages birth to eighteen, and is in the process of working collaboratively with a cross representation of diverse partners including educators on a corresponding implementation guide to align curriculum to the competencies for effective utilization. These competencies are expected to be utilized across the SS/HS LEAs post-grant for sustainability of effective practices.

Guiding Principle: