Framework in Action
Social-Norms Campaign Educates Students About Dangers of Texting and Driving

Starkville School District – Starkville, MS

In 2011, the Starkville School District’s Safe Schools/Healthy Students (SS/HS) program developed a social-norms campaign—led by students and parents—to encourage students to stop texting while driving. Students and parents worked together to develop a short video that was shared with various media outlets in the community.

Not only did this video public service announcement (PSA) air in movie theatres, on television, and through other media channels in Starkville, outlets across central Mississippi ran it. More recently—as a function of the state legislature seeking legislation to enforce a “no texting while driving” rule—TV stations across the region began re-broadcasting the PSA.

In addition, the PSA continues to air during peak driving times for teenagers, including back-to-school months (August/September), winter break (December/January), and at the end of the school year (April/May). 

“The campaign and supporting video PSA were successful in educating students about the dangers of texting while driving.” —Joan Butler, SS/HS Project Director, Starkville School District

Strategic Approach: