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Describes innovative strategies that the six Project LAUNCH grantees funded from 2010-2015 used to improve outcomes for children, families and communities.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Capacity Building/Workforce Development | Developmentally Appropriate | Disparities/Disproportionalities | Early Care and Education | Early Childhood | Evaluation | Evidence Based/Informed | Family Strengthening/Family Engagement | Home Visiting | Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care | Parent Skills Training | Partnership | Policy | Resource Leveraging | Screening and Assessment | Social and Emotional Well-Being | Substance Use Prevention | Sustainability | System Change

Identifies the long-term societal benefits of investing early (from conception to age five) in effective programs for children.

Family Strengthening/Family Engagement | Parent Skills Training | System Change

Provides an overview of research regarding key characteristics and training strategies of successful parent education programs for strengthening families and preventing child maltreatment.

Family Strengthening/Family Engagement | Parent Skills Training