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Connecticut’s SS/HS initiative, administered by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, State Department of Education, and Court Support Services Division, and with strong collaboration from Department of Children and Families, supported three SS/HS local school districts that ser...

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Connecting Schools and Communities | Early Childhood | Social and Emotional Well-Being | Trauma Informed/Response

NYC Project LAUNCH describes work to support parents and families using the Circle of Security Parenting Program.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Family Strengthening/Family Engagement | Social and Emotional Well-Being

NYC Project LAUNCH describes educational and communication materials created and used to promote and support the well-being of young children.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Screening and Assessment | Social and Emotional Well-Being


Multnomah Project LAUNCH summarizes strengths, challenges, and recommendations for Oregon's early intervention and identification system as evaluated by Project LAUNCH.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Describes innovative strategies that the six Project LAUNCH grantees funded from 2010-2015 used to improve outcomes for children, families and communities.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Capacity Building/Workforce Development | Developmentally Appropriate | Disparities/Disproportionalities | Early Care and Education | Early Childhood | Evaluation | Evidence Based/Informed | Family Strengthening/Family Engagement | Home Visiting | Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care | Parent Skills Training | Partnership | Policy | Resource Leveraging | Screening and Assessment | Social and Emotional Well-Being | Substance Use Prevention | Sustainability | System Change

Provides national data showing how health care, family, and community factors are related to mental, behavioral, and developmental disorders in early childhood. Findings highlight specific factors that could be addressed through efforts at national, state and local levels.

Policy | Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Early Care and Education | Education | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Presents fundamental facts on the rationale for using Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) within behavioral health service systems.

Evidence Based/Informed | Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Reviews some of the strategies used by states to address issues related to infant and early childhood mental health. It provides recommendations for nurturing change in state-level infant and early childhood mental health supports and services.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Social and Emotional Well-Being | System Change