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Each of Wisconsin’s LEAs: Racine, Menominee and Beloit, convened a SS/HS Core Management Team (CMT) to collaboratively lead, plan, and implement local SS/HS strategies to address the needs of students, families, and community.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Developmentally Appropriate | Evidence Based/Informed | Family Strengthening/Family Engagement | Parent Skills Training | Policy | Screening and Assessment | Social and Emotional Well-Being | Substance Use Prevention | Suicide Prevention | Sustainability | System Change | Trauma Informed/Response | Youth Guided

Discusses the importance of positive youth development, community building, and youth involvement. Provides information about how you can put positive youth development principles into practice.

Connecting Schools and Communities | Youth Guided

Provides information to teach youth about “strategic sharing”, highlighting the importance of sharing only what is appropriate and comfortable for the youth/consumer.

Youth Guided

Provides guidance for individuals who have experienced traumatic life experiences and are interested in sharing their stories in an effort to promote change. 

Youth Guided