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This brief highlights many notable and emerging successes of grantees in expanding and sustaining LAUNCH services through policy changes that advance child wellness goals at the state, territory, or tribal level.

Policy | System Change

Improving School Discipline, Climate, and Safety Data Collection and Use Brief offers information on how states, school districts, and schools have implemented and revised policies and practices to improve school discipline systems and create safer, more nurturing learning environments for studen...

Juvenile Justice/System Involved Youth | School Violence | System Change | Youth Violence Prevention

Describes innovative strategies that the six Project LAUNCH grantees funded from 2010-2015 used to improve outcomes for children, families and communities.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Capacity Building/Workforce Development | Developmentally Appropriate | Disparities/Disproportionalities | Early Care and Education | Early Childhood | Evaluation | Evidence Based/Informed | Family Strengthening/Family Engagement | Home Visiting | Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care | Parent Skills Training | Partnership | Policy | Resource Leveraging | Screening and Assessment | Social and Emotional Well-Being | Substance Use Prevention | Sustainability | System Change

Presents a summary of Federal legislation since 1974 that has had a significant impact on the child protection and child welfare fields. The report also provides an overview of each act and its major provisions.

Policy | System Change

Responds to and recognizes the impact of trauma on many sectors in behavioral health and beyond. The paper introduces the concept of trauma and offers a framework for how organizations, systems, and service sectors can become trauma-informed.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | System Change | Vulnerable Populations

Considers school policies that try to assist teachers in dealing with the variety of psychosocial and health problems that interfere with learning and performance. Cautions against fragmented supports for students and reviews the benefits of a "whole child" approach for improved outcomes.  

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Policy | System Change

Provides information and reports from the multi-site evaluation of Project LAUNCH, focusing on outcomes for children and families living in Project LAUNCH communities and the impact of the initiative on increasing community wellness.

Social and Emotional Well-Being | System Change

Defines mental health competencies, offers a brief overview of six competency systems currently in use in states (California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Vermont), provides comparisons of the six systems, and suggests the relevance of these competency systems to the early childhood men...

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | System Change

Identifies cross-disciplinary competencies for practitioners working with infants and toddlers that support effective practices across these disciplines.

System Change

Reviews some of the strategies used by states to address issues related to infant and early childhood mental health. It provides recommendations for nurturing change in state-level infant and early childhood mental health supports and services.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Social and Emotional Well-Being | System Change