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Considers the role of educational attainment, degree type (e.g., concentration or major in early childhood or a related field), years of experience, and training. The brief concludes with implications for future research, as well as for policy and practice.

Early Childhood | Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Early Care and Education | Education | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Provides an overview of the qualifications and the professional development activities of the nation’s infant/toddler workforce, based on representative data collected by the National Survey of Early Care and Education.

Capacity Building/Workforce Development | Early Care and Education | Education | Home Visiting

Analyzes the experiences of a sample of Project LAUNCH grantees, describing 10 common elements of integration approaches and exploring some of the challenges of promoting health and preventing social, emotional, and behavioral challenges at a population level.

Early Care and Education | Education | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Explores interventions in early childhood that can help prevent drug use and other unhealthy behaviors.

Early Childhood | Substance Use Prevention | Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Summarizes research about infant and toddler development, highlighting areas that are foundational for later school success.

Early Childhood | Early Care and Education | Education | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Shares the story of the Tribal Home Visiting Program implementation since 2010 as it has expanded home visiting services in tribal communities, serving 1,523 families and providing nearly 20,000 home visits, highlighting successes and areas of improvement.

Family Strengthening/Family Engagement | Home Visiting

Explores opportunities, considerations, and methods for using storytelling to understand and communicate information about social service programs in tribal communities.

Early Care and Education | Education

ACF announced a new Policy Statement on Early Childhood Career Pathways as part of their focus on elevating the early childhood workforce in policy and practice.

Early Care and Education | Education

This report describes three potential designs for studies to assess the needs for early care and education and home visiting among American Indian and Alaska Native children and families.

Early Care and Education

Examines comprehensive career pathway systems in the early childhood education (ECE) field. Career pathways, defined as comprehensive education and training systems, provide a sequence of coursework and credentials aligned with industry needs.

Early Care and Education