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Analyzes the experiences of a sample of Project LAUNCH grantees, describing 10 common elements of integration approaches and exploring some of the challenges of promoting health and preventing social, emotional, and behavioral challenges at a population level.

Early Care and Education | Education | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Enumerates that adolescents who do not get enough sleep are more likely to suffer from depressive symptoms and engage in unhealthy risk behaviors such as drinking, smoking tobacco, and using illicit drugs. The article discusses the affect school start times have on adolescent sleep patterns.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health

Discusses the professional learning and competencies that need to be shared among individuals who are responsible for the ongoing care and education of young children.

Early Care and Education | Education

Summarizes the findings of a random-controlled crossover evaluation of the Early Childhood Consultation Partnership (ECCP), a statewide system of early childhood mental health consultation in Connecticut. A detailed version is provided in the Final Report.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | System Change

Provides a description of the emerging evidence base that many of the beliefs and much of the current body of knowledge about consultation is grounded in literature and the experiences of mental health and early care and education (ECE) providers, educators, and other experts (i.e., practice-base...

Early Care and Education | Education | Behavioral Health/Mental Health

Highlights efforts under way in several federally funded Project LAUNCH sites where local programs are testing the effectiveness of including an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant as part of the home visiting services. 

Home Visiting | Behavioral Health/Mental Health | System Change

Discusses emerging research points to the importance of supportive supervision, fidelity monitoring, and organizational climate to support home visitors and maintain support for the evidence-based program.

Home Visiting | System Change

Describes how the Evidence Based Home Visiting cross-site evaluation is examining fidelity across a range of home visiting models.

Home Visiting | System Change

Presents evidence from research that shows that Home Visiting programs work and ultimately save money for taxpayers.

Home Visiting | System Change

Highlights key findings from research to build the evidence needed to inform policymakers' decisions and to advance effective practice in home visiting programs and identifies opportunities for program improvements in states and for further study.

Home Visiting | System Change