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Massachusetts Project LAUNCH offers a comprehensive collection of tools and guidance for integrating early childhood mental health staff, including a family partner, into the pediatric primary care setting.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health

Oklahoma Project LAUNCH collaborates with the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OICA) to make great strides to promote awareness and the impact of infant mental health in their communities and across the state.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Early Childhood

Wisconsin Project LAUNCH summarizes their work to promote the integration of behavioral health into primary care focused on five initiatives, including provider training, behavioral health integration pilot project/brief module development, joint release of information form, primary care provider...

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care

North Carolina Project LAUNCH provides guidance to pediatric primary care settings about the development of a family-centered model of care to better meet the needs of patients and their families.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Family Strengthening/Family Engagement

Boone County Project LAUNCH provides  sample referral/follow-up options based on scores from ASQ-3™/ASQ:SE-2™ screenings.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Screening and Assessment

Describes Colorado's work to promote early childhood social and emotional development through the use of mental health consultants in schools and child care programs. 

Early Childhood | Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Early Care and Education | Education | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Considers the role of educational attainment, degree type (e.g., concentration or major in early childhood or a related field), years of experience, and training. The brief concludes with implications for future research, as well as for policy and practice.

Early Childhood | Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Early Care and Education | Education | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Explores interventions in early childhood that can help prevent drug use and other unhealthy behaviors.

Early Childhood | Substance Use Prevention | Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Social and Emotional Well-Being

Provides information on Mental Health Awareness Month.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health

Shares information about SAMHSA's "Suicide Safe" free app that helps healthcare providers, in particular primary care providers, integrate suicide prevention strategies into their practice and address suicide risk among their patients.

Behavioral Health/Mental Health | Technology | Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care