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Discusses the impact of bias-based bullying and violence in schools and helps schools to better meet the needs of sexual minority youth and children with sexual minority parents/guardians by providing resources to schools, skill-based training for educators, and more. 

Cultural Linguistic Competency

Provides training, policy, and development services to help American Indian children grow up safe, healthy, and spiritually strong.  Offers free downloads of research and publications and many other resources for an additional fee or for members only.

Cultural Linguistic Competency

Provides policy focused research, policy design, leadership development, technical assistance and training for government officials and community leaders. Includes an electronic resource center on immigrant integration issues, with a special focus on state and local policies and data.

Cultural Linguistic Competency

Provides resources and tools for ensuring equity in schools for Latin American students.  Offers additional benefits to members.

Cultural Linguistic Competency

Guides schools, juvenile justice agencies, law enforcement, mental health providers, and other community organizations to work in partnership addressing issues such as healthy childhood development, substance abuse and violence prevention, and mental health promotion. 


Includes comprehensive, intensive, community-based programs to promote building resiliency and protective factors in youth, families, and communities.

Vulnerable Populations

Highlights important findings about the prevalence of children experiencing risk factors in the United States. These findings were produced with the Young Child Risk Calculator, a tool of the National Center for Children in Poverty.

Vulnerable Populations

Houses research on different programs, products, practices, and policies in education. The Institute for Education Sciences focuses on the results from high-quality research while providing educators with the information they need to make evidence-based decisions.

Evidence Based/Informed

Provides organizations, agencies, groups, and individuals a space to work together to communicate what is important to them, to learn together, to do work together, and to collaborate in addressing complex educational problems. 


Developed through the Education and Capacity Building Program detailed on the NNIRR website, this platform serves as a  space to share immigrant/refugee experiences, understand those of others, share strategies, and develop collective visions for a better world.

Capacity Building/Workforce Development