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Reports and Briefs

Financing Promising Evidence-Based Programs: Early Lessons from the New York City Social Impact Bond

Discusses early lessons learned from the first Social Impact Bond in the United States which aimed to equip adolescents ages 16 to 18 incarcerated in the New York City jail system with the social and emotional skills to help them make better life choices when they leave jail.

Five Steps to Pay for Success: Implementing Pay for Success Projects in the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems

Provides a five-step model for ensuring the sustainability and quality of Pay for Success (PFS) programs, which directs private capital to social programs, with the opportunity for a return on investment if the programs achieve performance targets.  It guides stakeholders through a process that identifies drivers of populations and costs, develops evidence-based solutions, provides governments the best chance to achieve their policy objectives, and ensures that key populations receive the best possible evidence-based services.

Demystifying “EPSDT”

Discusses Medicaid and mechanisms to help states support mental and behavioral health services. It includes the Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis Treatment (EPSDT) benefit, and how to create effective community-based behavioral health services for children and youth covered under Medicaid.

The New Three E’s of Education: Enabled, Engaged, Empowered - How Today’s Students are Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Learning Project Tomorrow

Focuses on three key trends in learning technology:  mobile learning, online and blended learning, and e-textbooks. The report summarizes the findings of the Speak Up National Research Project, which held discussion forums around the country with K-12 students and their parents.

Preschool/School Supportive Health Services Program (SSHP) Medicaid-in-Health Provider Policy and Billing Handbook (Update 8)

Provides information and guidance to those who coordinate and deliver special education programs and services to children with disabilities in the school districts and counties participating in the New York State Medicaid Program. The handbook includes information to help providers understand documentation requirements for completing and submitting Medicaid claims.

A Guide to Federal Education Programs That Can Fund K-12 Universal Prevention and Social and Emotional Learning Activities

Highlights 15 federal elementary and secondary education programs that support universal prevention, and social and emotional learning initiatives. The guide also provides examples of schools, districts, and state education agencies that have successfully supported their prevention programs with federal education dollars.


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