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Reports and Briefs

Family Involvement in Child-Serving Systems and the Need for Cross-Systems Collaboration

Reviews what has been accomplished to date in the development of the “family voice” in all the child-serving systems—not just the substance abuse system but also the systems of mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, trauma support, education, and primary care. It also includes recommendations to create true cross-systems collaboration supporting family involvement so that youth and their families can fully access the services and supports they need to obtain and maintain optimum health.

Solving the Data Puzzle: A How to Guide on Collecting and Sharing Information to Improve Educational Outcomes for Children in Out-of-Home Care

Provides simple checklists to guide each agency in: (1) defining their data collection and sharing goals; (2) defining the population they will track; (3) assessing their current and desired information-sharing; and (4) assessing their current and desired data collection.

Policy Report: Creating Opportunity for Families: A Two-Generation Approach

Makes the case for creating opportunities for families by addressing the needs of parents and their children simultaneously. The report describes a new approach to reducing poverty, which calls for connecting low-income families with early childhood education, job training, and other tools to achieve financial stability and break the cycle of poverty. It recommends ways to help equip parents and children with what they need to thrive.


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