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Washington Project LAUNCH

Washington and Yakima County are expanding the success of their original Project LAUNCH grant by supporting three diverse counties (North Thurston, Chelan/Douglas, and Benton/Franklin) to increase developmental and behavioral screening for young children, integrate behavioral training into early care and education systems, improve family-strengthening and local parent support opportunities, and strengthen the early childhood workforce. The expansion communities are primarily rural agricultural areas with high poverty, large percentages of Hispanics and recent immigrants, and high proportions of young children. North Thurston also has one of the highest per-capita military family populations in the country. Washington Project LAUNCH is tailoring training and technical assistance for early child care providers in each expansion community to strengthen systems, improve existing efforts, and address their unique challenges. 

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Cohort 7, Funding Period 2015–2019
Original LAUNCH Grant: Cohort 1, Funding Period 2008–2013