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Bullying Prevention Continuing Education Course

The Bullying Prevention Training Center is offering a new Bullying Prevention Continuing Education course that explores the public health approach to bullying prevention.

Research shows that bullying is a public health issue that negatively affects outcomes for youth involved. This online training provides guidance on how to use a public health approach to address bullying through long-term, community-wide prevention strategies. It also discusses how to engage a variety of strong partners in the community who know how to recognize, intervene, and prevent bullying from occurring in the future.

The course includes definitions of bullying and its many forms, best practices in bullying prevention and response, and the most important “dos” and “don’ts” to address bullying.

The Bullying Prevention Training Center also offers, in English and Spanish, a Community Action Toolkit with materials to create a community event to promote bullying prevention, User Guides tailored to 11 audiences that play a critical role in bullying prevention, and Trainings for Educators and School Bus Drivers.
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